Congratulations to the University of Southampton who have officially joined UKRN. We welcome aboard Dr Alison Knight as Institutional Lead for Southampton, along with Dr Christian Bokhove (@cbokhove) as Local Network Lead.

Dr Alison Knight said,

“I am looking forward to representing Southampton at the UKRN. Joining the consortium is another forward step in the University’s on-going strategy to support our research community in helping them produce accessible, robust and high quality research, while also bolstering a good research culture at Southampton. The key to this initiative is better collaboration and the right incentives, not just across the sector, but also locally. We want to ensure that a range of voices can be heard; developing and embedding the right policies and processes should be an activity of co-creation and shared enthusiasm. We are also taking action to embed Research Integrity Champions within every Faculty, each of whom provide a visible point of contact for researchers with queries about research conduct.”

Dr Christian Bokhove agreed,

“It will be exciting to improve science, both from the grassroots and from the university level. I especially think these developments enable us to cut through different disciplines, from the social to the natural sciences, and different career stages. I hope the result will be an even more vibrant, rigorous and multidisciplinary research culture.”

Alison and Christian plan to set up activities within the University, such as training and workshops that disseminate open and reproducible research best practices.

Quotations provided courtesy of University of Southampton Press Office.