Without a whole range of professional and technical staff in institutions, open research would be next to impossible. The skills and roles needed to enable open research can be found right across an institution, from the library to the marketing and communications team, from the finance office to technology transfer professionals and research software engineers, and from senior managers to university administrators. Some staff are directly involved with research teams, others less so, but nevertheless all their contributions are vital to openness and transparency in research of all kinds.

In February, UKRN and Jisc brought together representatives of the widest possible range of professions to start the conversation about how these diverse staff roles can best work together to create an environment that supports open research. Today we release the report from that event, including concrete suggestions for next steps. We release this report as an invitation to all the people and bodies involved to continue and take leadership roles in the conversation. For the moment, please contact neil.jacobs@bristol.ac.uk for further information.  The full report can be viewed here.