Other Partners

Non-Institutional Partners of the Research England Open Research Programme

A Guide to Our Other Partners’ Contribution to the Programme

Partner Contribution to the Programme
Academy of Medical Sciences Training events, communications and engagement with relevant communities.
Griffith University Developing the extended version of Nine Reproducible Things course within the Carpentries Incubator, delivering this to staff within the UKRN network, delivering Train the Trainer courses to upskill staff within the UKRN network who will be teaching the open research/reproducibility content, providing an open, shareable version of the training content under a CC BY licence.
Jisc Support in kind through use of Jisc’s digital research community group (comprising research leaders, researchers and research support professionals) to communicate and gather feedback and by attending stakeholder meetings.
Oxford’s Data Readiness Group Focus on guidance for the implementation of the FAIR Principles, specifically: 1. introduction to the FAIR Cookbook recipes to make and keep data FAIR for the Life Sciences; 2. enhancement of the FAIRsharing registry, on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies for All Disciplines; refinement of the FAIRsharing Assistance, and release of the FAIRsharing Educational Programme.
Project TIER Developing an open-source curriculum, and training instructors at the universities affiliated with UKRN to prepare them to teach students to conduct quantitative research that achieves state-of-the-art standards of transparency and reproducibility.
Protocols.io Helping to craft educational materials and contributing to workshops or other tutorial content around research method sharing.
Research on Research Institute RoRI staff time to speak and assist with the facilitation of training activities, workshops and events, and support for the sharing and exchange of successful and effective practices, drawing on the expertise and networks of RoRI’s 21 partners in 14 countries.
Software Sustainability Institute Development, piloting and revision of training content on open research / open science skills, based on prototype materials developed by SSI and delivery of instructor training through existing SSI instructor trainers. Plus contributing experience developing the network of active Carpentries instructors in the UK, contributing existing materials, contributing to, endorsing and promoting common statement and action plans, and using SSI networks to disseminate these more widely, as well as working with the Research Software Engineering community to incorporate this into appraisal and hiring practices.
Springer Nature Discounted access to and development of new courses for Springer Nature’s Nature Masterclasses Online.
UK Data Service Offering UKDS training and webinar programme focused on data curation and management, usage and reuse to initiatives to harmonise within and across disciplines, impact resources to feature the work of the project, and a joint event
VIRT2UE Further developing and – in partnership – conducting the ‘VIRT2UE’ train-the-trainer research integrity programme to support a virtue ethics approach in fostering open science practice. This will enable trainers to design their own research integrity courses focused on open science
Wiley Providing outreach, amplification, knowledge-sharing, and contributions to training activities.