Organisation and membership

Local Networks provide a mechanism through which the aims of the UKRN can be promoted within that institution. A Local Network Lead provides the point of contact for UKRN, and represents the grassroots network of researchers at that institution. Local Networks are self-organising, but we encourage them to ensure their membership is open to academic and research staff (at all levels) and professional services staff. It is intended that these Local Networks will grow, both in number and size, over time, as researchers elect to participate in UKRN activity.

Local Network Lead profiles

Profiles are ordered alphabetically by institution.

Kirstie Whitaker

Alan Turing Institute

Charlotte Hartwright

Aston University

Charlotte Pennington

Aston University

Marie Smith

Birkbeck, University of London

Emma Norris

Brunel University

Andrew Johnson

Bournemouth University

Adam Partridge

Cardiff University

Nadia Soliman

Imperial College London

Charlotte Hulme

Keele University

Samuel Westwood

King's College London

Emma Henderson

Kingston University London

Dermot Lynott

Lancaster University

Matteo Galizzi

London School of Economics

Camilla Gilmore

Loughborough University

Theresa Wege

Loughborough University

Tom Hostler

Manchester Metropolitan University

Derek Mann

Newcastle University

Thomas Pollet

Northumbria University

Gonçalo Rosas da Silva

Queen's University Belfast

Scott Glover

Royal Holloway, University of London

Charlotte Burn

Royal Veterinary College, RVC

Laura Wilkinson

Swansea University

Jessie Baldwin


Tabea Schoeler


Jess Butler

University of Aberdeen

Kate Button

University of Bath

Hugo Pedder

University of Bristol

Florian Markowetz

University of Cambridge

Suzanne Stewart

University of Chester

Ben Thomas

University of Edinburgh

Louise Corti

University of Essex

Mark Kelson

University of Exeter

Lisa DeBruine

University of Glasgow

Phil McAleer

University of Glasgow

Anna Samara

University of Greenwich

Mike Page

University of Hertfordshire

Dave Lunt

University of Hull

Roger Giner-Sorolla

University of Kent

Peter Tennant

University of Leeds

Brendan O'Connor

University of Leicester

Andrew Jones

University of Liverpool

Andrew Stewart

University of Manchester

Malika Ihle

University of Oxford

Andy Wills

University of Plymouth

Matt Parker

University of Portsmouth

Simon Kolstoe

University of Portsmouth

Etienne Roesch

University of Reading

Thomas Stafford

University of Sheffield

Christian Bokhove

University of Southampton

Katie Gilligan

University of Surrey

Kait Clark

UWE, Bristol

Samuel Evans

University of Westminster

Ian Lahart

University of Wolverhampton

Cylcia Bolibaugh

University of York