Provision of information and materials

Our focus is on ensuring the UK produces robust, rigorous research. These resources are made available to encourage the establishment of open research working groups, for use in training workshops, and to promote the wider adoption of best practice within institutions, and where possible are provided free of charge and for fair use under Creative Commons licensing.


Terms of Reference

Our Terms of Reference outline how we work with individuals, institutions and external stakeholders.


Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines our expectations to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all people.


Our primer series is designed to introduce a broad audience to important topics in open and reproducible scholarship.


Speaker Directory

Need a speaker to talk about open research, open science, and reproducibility at your next event? Get in touch with us.

Shared Presentations

Recorded presentations and slides from UKRN associates, freely available for download and distribution.


Materials Request

Need UKRN materials? We can make some materials available for you at cost. Please contact us for further information.