The aim of this project is to support the development by institutions of sustainable arrangements for open and transparent research data. We aim to engage a diverse range of institutions in the project.

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Understand how institutions have approached the principles set out in the Open Research Data Concordat.

Identify the barriers facing researchers, professional and technical staff, and senior management in their work towards open data.

Describe examples of good practice with regards to the concordat and how any barriers are being addressed.

Bringing this evidence together the UKRN aims to produce materials mapped to the principles of the Open Research Data Concordat to help institutions better implement these principles through policies and real change.

Get Involved

Would you like to share your experiences of Open Data with our research team? Do you have experience of implementing Open Data practice successfully or did you reach roadblocks? We are interested in talking to people from a variety of research disciplines and higher educational institutions. Introduce yourself to the team to get involved.

Project Updates

STAR & METEOR Projects Introduced at UKRN Webinar

STAR & METEOR Projects Introduced at UKRN Webinar

The STAR and METEOR projects were introduced at the most recent UKRN Webinar: Nurturing change through growing UKRN projects. Project Coordinator Rosalind Strang spoke about our plans for the projects, including why these projects are vital in the current environment...

UKRN Launches STAR and METEOR Projects

UKRN Launches STAR and METEOR Projects

The UK Reproducibility Network is pleased to announce the launch of two new projects, working towards our vision of the UK research system being outstanding in conducting and promoting rigorous and transparent research.  STAR – Sustainable & TrAnsparent Research...


This project has been funded by a consortium of UKRN institutions led by University of Bristol who see this issue as a sufficient priority for them to finance the project by pooling their ‘Enhancing Research Culture’ funds from Research England. The contributing institutions are:

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