The aim of this project is to improve the use of applied meta-research evidence in institutional decision-making affecting research culture, rigour and transparency. We will do this by identifying, documenting, and developing consensus support for good practice.

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What is meta-research?

Currently the UKRN working definition of meta-research, also known as research on research, is the study of research methods, practices and environments with the aim of evaluating and improving research or research culture.

What do we mean by research culture?

The Royal Society defines research culture as ‘the behaviors, values, expectations, attitudes and norms of our research communities’.


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Building on previous work by the UKRN and our partners, continue to develop our understanding of the research culture landscape in England. Focusing on how strategic decision making impacts research culture. 

Interview decision makers and influencers to identify:

  • The kinds and characteristics of decision making that affects research culture
  • How meta-research evidence features in decision making

Interview meta-researchers to identify:

  • The characteristics of meta-research that does or could inform decision making
  • How meta-research features in institutional decision making

Bringing together the knowledge, expertise and lessons leant from the four-pronged approach, the project aims to develop a range of materials for use by researchers, decision-makers and meta-researchers. The exact nature of the materials will be influenced by the research outcomes but will include:

  • Discussion paper
  • Targeted guidance
  • Examples of good practice
  • Detailed plan for future work

Get Involved

Are you a meta-researcher or do you use meta-research? We would like to talk to you about your research and your experiences conducting or using meta-research. We’re interested to talk to researchers at all stages of their careers. Introduce yourself to the study team to get involved.

Project Updates

STAR & METEOR Projects Introduced at UKRN Webinar

STAR & METEOR Projects Introduced at UKRN Webinar

The STAR and METEOR projects were introduced at the most recent UKRN Webinar: Nurturing change through growing UKRN projects. Project Coordinator Rosalind Strang spoke about our plans for the projects, including why these projects are vital in the current environment...

UKRN Launches STAR and METEOR Projects

UKRN Launches STAR and METEOR Projects

The UK Reproducibility Network is pleased to announce the launch of two new projects, working towards our vision of the UK research system being outstanding in conducting and promoting rigorous and transparent research.  STAR – Sustainable & TrAnsparent Research...


This project has been funded by a consortium of UKRN institutions led by University of Bristol who see this issue as a sufficient priority for them to finance the project by pooling their ‘Enhancing Research Culture’ funds from Research England. The contributing institutions are:

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