Nadia Soliman

Nadia Soliman is a Research Assistant in the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London. Her PhD is focused on developing automation technologies to improve the feasibility, efficiency and accuracy of preclinical systematic reviews while addressing neurobiological questions of interest.  She is currently leading a preclinical systematic review that will provide empirical evidence to improve the field of pain and cannabis-based medicine animal research, the use of machine assisted technology and how to employ a crowd of scientists from around the world to ensure that research conduct is rigorous, interpretable, open and transparent. She also has an interest in sharing her military experiences and knowledge of leadership development to engender a more positive research culture. You can learn more about Nadia’s background and research interests here.

Nadia’s main areas of interest for presenting are academic research leadership, the need to train and develop individuals for formal and informal leadership positions, and the use of robust leadership at all levels to perform quality research and address the reproducibility crisis.

@Nadia_Soliman_ on Twitter