Phil McAleer

Phil McAleer is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Glasgow. His main research interests are how personality, identity and emotion are portrayed through our voices and the influence this has on those we interact with, as well as working to improve how people understand and make use of statistics, mainly in a Higher Education setting. You can learn more about Phil’s background and research interests here.

His main area of interest for presenting is teaching reproducible methods as part of the psychology undergraduate curriculum. At Glasgow, he and colleagues introduced a curriculum that focusses on teaching open reproducible science from the first day of the course. This approach uses Registered Reports and Open Datasets to teach students key skills that Phil and his colleagues believe all modern psychologists need: from academic writing to data wrangling and visualisation skills through R and RStudio. Phil would be happy to talk about how they have implemented this curriculum and the issues they have overcome. All of their materials are available online.

@McAleerP on Twitter