Samuel Westwood

Sam Westwood is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at King’s College London. His current research focusses upon combining cognitive training and neuromodulation to improve inattention and self-control in boys with ADHD. He is also the founder and co-organiser of RIOT Science Club and The King’s Open Research Group Initiative (KORGI). You can learn more about Sam’s background and research interests here.

Sam’s main areas of interest for presenting are: a) reproducibility issues in psychology, psychiatry, neurodevelopmental disorders and neuromodulation; b) meta-research, e.g. meta-analyses, audits and replication; c) workshops on R and user-friendly alternatives such as JASP and Jamovi; and d) pushing for institutional change, for example by giving talks for junior and senior academics on how to engender open research at their university.

@westwoodsam1 on Twitter