UKRN Open Research Programme

Training Community of Practice

The UKRN Open Research Programme training project supports a community of training practice. This is for anyone who has done a train-the-trainer session and is therefore planning to deliver training for staff or students at their institution. The community enables trainers to find inspiration, reflect on training experiences, share materials and lessons, support each other, and collaboratively develop new resources.

After doing participating in a training session in the Programme, the first step to joining the community is to receive a ‘badge’ to show that the training has been done. At that point, trainers are invited to join.

Inevitably, the community will start small and grow as the Programme trains more and more trainers.

Activities planned so far include:

    1. A 90 minute interactive, online session in May with Verena Heise, co-author of Ten simple rules for implementing open and reproducible research practices after attending a training course.
    2. A 90 minute interactive, online session, date to be confirmed, with Heidi Seibold on nurturing a thriving community of practice, drawing for example from the Digital Research Academy.
    3. Introduction to five UKRN ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions that can be run locally, and related materials.
    4. Reflection and support sessions for each of the training courses run so far, to help trainers deliver that training at their institutions.

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