An Open Research Action Plan is a funded, medium-term programme of cultural change within a research organisation to promote and embed more accessible, transparent and reproducible ways of conducting and communicating research.

The Checklist for an Open Research Action Plan is a practical guide for stakeholders seeking to develop such a programme. It is based on the experience of creating and implementing an Open Research Action Plan at the University of Reading, but it also draws on a range of resources and activities undertaken to promote the growth of Open Research culture in higher education institutions. While its main frame of reference is the UK university sector, the Checklist can be adapted to any local context.

The Checklist provides a structured framework within which to define the scope of a cultural change programme, identify key stakeholders, and develop, secure buy-in for, and implement a strategic plan. It can be used to create measurable objectives that are achievable within a medium-term timescale (i.e., three years).

The full document is available here.

Author: Robert Darby