Starting his research career on HIV vaccines, Steve quickly learned that significant advancements can take considerable time. After two postdoc positions, he grew disillusioned with academic research culture and joined a Jisc service that focused on leveraging the internet for teaching and learning, a novel idea at the time. Later, he took a job as an OA support at the Newcastle library to re-engage with researchers, allowing him to discuss their motivations and methods.  However, since OA usually comes late in the research process, Steve and the researchers wanted to collaborate earlier and support practices beyond publication and policy compliance. Fortunately, this aligned with an institutional priority at Newcastle, stemming from broader projects and events focused on research culture. As a result, conversations have shifted to how researchers and others can work together to improve research practices. These discussions are mainly with researchers who see the need for change, as Steve and his team have yet to engage with those who do not. This context helps explain why Steve welcomed the opportunity to become an ORCA.  Read Steve’s full story

Photo by Tomas Williams on Unsplash