UKRN has today released a series of films to encourage and support researchers with their efforts to grow and embed open research practices across the sector.


Based on the existing UKRN primer series, the videos feature members of the UKRN community (researchers, publishers, professional services) sharing their experiences of specific open research practices.

Each video outlines a key topic. They cover the challenges – as well as the benefits – of approaching research in a different and more transparent way. What do they want to change? What will research practice look like in future?

Filmed in 2021-2022 in their own working environments, participants shared their thoughts on:

UKRN has recently hosted Leadership in Academia 2022. This residential workshop aims to equip delegates with the tools to improve research leadership and change research culture for the better. We plan to run future workshops to help those working in academia bring about positive changes to research culture, such as wider uptake of open research practices.

The films and residential course are part of UKRN’s wider campaign to improve research culture and practice by enabling all those involved in research to make changes from the ground up

You can find open research resources and case studies by discipline on the UKRN website: