Research is global. This was clearly recognised recently when UNESCO released its Recommendation on Open Science, including a set of core values, guiding principles and areas of action, to which all UNESCO members have committed.

UKRN is now partnering with the Swiss Reproducibility Network, with financial support from the Universities of Reading, Zurich and Bristol, to adapt its checklist for institutions developing an open research action plan.  When completed, in the middle of 2023, this will be part of the UNESCO Open Science Toolkit, launched in late 2022.

Working with colleagues in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, the project team (working with the MoreBrains Cooperative) will create a new checklist that will provide concise and relevant information for institutions anywhere on how they can take action to support openness and transparency in research.

International collaboration of this kind is vital to promote a global research environment that enables researchers to do high quality, open research.

For more information, please contact Kirsty Merrett at the University of Bristol Library, who is leading the work.