Today the UKRN is delighted to announce the launch of one of the largest national initiatives in the world to reform how open research is recognised and rewarded when researchers are recruited, promoted and appraised. The ‘OR4’ project, part of the UKRN’s Open Research Programme, today announces the 43 UK academic research organisations that have joined either as case studies or as part of a wider community of practice. This group of institutions is incredibly diverse, including the Royal College of Music, Queen’s University Belfast, the Universities of Cambridge, the West of Scotland, Swansea and Durham, and the CRUK Scotland Institute (full list on the OR4 web page). Together, they employ over 80,000 academic staff, all of whom we hope will benefit from this initiative. OR4 also aligns UK developments with leading international work, for example, CoARA, the European OPUS Project, and US HELIOS network. For more information, please see the OR4 web page.

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