The UK Reproducibility Network is pleased to announce the launch of two new projects, working towards our vision of the UK research system being outstanding in conducting and promoting rigorous and transparent research. 

STAR – Sustainable & TrAnsparent Research data  

Supporting the development of sustainable institutional arrangements for open and transparent research data 

STAR aims to understand current progress towards implementing the principles of the UKRI Open Research Data Concordat at research institutions. Identifying examples of good practice and where barriers exist to sustainably implementing open data policies. The UKRN aims to create and disseminate materials, guidelines and case studies to help every UK research institution develop sustainable, achievable and accessible open data policies.  

METEOR – METa-research for the Enhancement Of Research culture  

Improving the use of applied meta-research in institutional decision making that affects research culture, rigour and transparency 

METEOR aims to develop consensus support for the use of research evidence (meta-research) in institutional decision making, with the goal of improving research culture at UK higher educational institutions (HEIs). The project will develop an understanding of how decisions are made and identify the kinds of decision which most impact research culture. The UKRN aims to develop consensus support for good practice and create materials and guidance to aid institutions in making and implementing change.   

Across both projects the research team will be fostering institutional buy-in, essential for creating the real change required to meet the UKRN vision.  

These projects are funded by a consortium of UK HEIs, led by the University of Bristol, who have pooled some of their Research England ‘Enhancing Research Culture’ funds. To see the full list of contributing institutions head to the project pages.