The ethos of UKRN is to collaborate and so today we are delighted to publish a new primer that is both about perhaps the most successful collaboration of the internet era, that of Wikimedia, and the product of collaboration (between the universities of Leeds and Bristol in the UK and FIZ Karlsruhe in Germany). In particular, the primer focuses on how researchers can and do use various Wikimedia platforms to enable many different kinds of open research. Written by two UK experts, Nick Sheppard (Open Research Advisor at Leeds) and Martin Poulter (open data and culture consultant currently at Bristol) and reviewed by Daniel Mietchen (Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure, FIZ Karlsruhe), we hope that this primer will encourage more researchers to work with Wikimedia in conducting research that is rigorous and transparent. The primer now sits on the UKRN primers page, alongside others on data sharing, open software / code, community engagement in research, open hardware and many more.

Read Wikimedia UK’s newly released blog post about the primer.