Here’s a story about sharing practice in rewarding Open Research. The University of Groningen has launched an Open Research Award competition. It was inspired by and directly modelled on a competition run at the University of Reading. This came about because people at Reading and Groningen who champion Open Research talked to each other and shared ideas. This is great, research organisations learning from each other’s experiences, a tweak and a tailor, and off you go. Just the sort of thing we want to do a lot more of at UKRN.

A competition is a fine way to spike interest in Open Research, to discover examples of great practice, and to find potential local champions. The University of Reading also used competition entries to create some Open Research case studies. These promote greater recognition, and celebrate, champion and inspire Open Research.

Why not run an Open Research competition at your university?

Find out more: Open Research Award competition

Content by Robert Darby from University of Reading