University of Bristol is the latest to offer an Open Research Prize, following the lead of University of Surrey and the University of Reading.

The University of Bristol, through collaboration between the UK Reproducibility Network and the University of Bristol Library Service, recently launched their new Open Research Prize, promoting and celebrating the use of open research practices across the University. The Prize was open to submissions from all researchers (including postgraduate research students) in all disciplines across the University, in two prize categories:

  1. Widening Reach – Demonstrates open research practices with wider reach potential, including re-use, improving public value and/or innovation.
  2. Increasing Quality – Demonstrates open research practices that increase the quality of study design and/or research findings.

An online event was held on 31st March, to showcase presentations from selected applicants, following which a prize voucher of £100 was awarded to the winner in each of the categories. The prize recipients were determined by a vote on the day, weighted against the decision of a small panel of judges.

Congratulations to all of the winners and runners-up of the first University of Bristol Open Research Prize, and thank you to all who took part.


Widening Reach Prize

First place: Ailsa Naismith, School of Earth Sciences (Faculty of Science)
Second place: Dee Knipe, Bristol Medical School (Faculty of Health Sciences)
Third place: Kacper Sokol, School of Computer Science (Faculty of Engineering)


Improving Quality Prize

First place: Kurt Taylor, Population Health Sciences (Faculty of Health Sciences)
Second place: Steven Roberts, Film and Television (Faculty of Arts)
Third place: Kacper Sokol, School of Computer Science (Faculty of Engineering)