The UK higher education sector has invested approximately £1bn in academic publishing over the last decade (i). In our view, the principles guiding interactions between UK institutions and academic publishers should be:

  1. Value for money.
  2. Availability of output to all readers without subscription (e.g., open licensing).
  3. Transparency in agreements (e.g., making costs openly available).
  4. Support for and implementation of initiatives such as DORA.
  5. Support for transparent research practices (e.g., around data and code).
  6. Support for text and data mining (at no extra cost).
  7. Active and transparent engagement with expressions of concern.

The UK higher education sector should take these factors into account in discussions with academic publishers, on the understanding that our continuing support of those who do not meet an acceptable standard is not in the long-term interests of the sector.


Written by the UKRN Supervisory Board.

This statement is available for download at:
Cite as: UKRN Supervisory Board, 2021. ‘UKRN Position on Academic Publishing’, OSF Preprints. DOI: 10.31219/