Open Research Programme

UKRN has launched a five-year programme of work across our consortium of institutional members, supported by our project partners and Research England, to accelerate the uptake of high-quality open research practices, and the many benefits to research quality, integrity and public trust in research that will consequently flow.

Initiatives and events

UKRN offers support for initiatives to promote robust and rigorous research, focusing on establishing conversations about reproducibility, providing tools and guidance to promote best practice, and encouraging professional development of researchers. UKRN runs and promotes events and regular workshops on the topic of reproducible research.


UKRN hosts an annual meeting in March each year, and supports an annual conference in September: Reproducibility, Replicability and Trust In Science. We also run regular workshops on the topics of leadership, data management, research culture and methods.


UKRN supports initiatives to encourage appropriate methodology, accountability and the establishment of working groups, as well as promoting conversations around open science and open research, and providing tools that make reproducibility easier.

Latest news

We produce news to promote examples of reproducible research in the UK, as well as our events and initiatives. Do you want to write about reproducibility in your field? Please contact us about writing for our blog.

UKRN-Jisc report on collaborating across diverse professions

UKRN-Jisc report on collaborating across diverse professions

Without a whole range of professional and technical staff in institutions, open research would be next to impossible. The skills and roles needed to enable open research can be found right across an institution, from the library to the marketing and communications...

Dorothy Bishop Prize 2023 Winners

Dorothy Bishop Prize 2023 Winners

The Dorothy Bishop prize was created to celebrate the contributions of early career researchers working to promote open research and improve research culture. This year we are pleased to announce the three prize winners (in randomised order): Natalie Zelenka Natalie...