Today the UKRN Open Research Programme releases detailed information about this round of training in the first half of 2024, and also about its community of practice for open research trainers. This is an opportunity for all partners in the Open Research Programme to strengthen their capabilities in open research and to support both research and research-enabling staff. The deadline for all applications is 8th March.

There is training for trainers on both doing and teaching reproducible research, on virtue ethics and open research, on data management plans and reproducibility, on preregistration, on software for open and reproducible research, and on open science, data management and research collaborations. The training has been developed by experts in the UK, USA, the Netherlands and Australia.

The Programme training schedule has been updated to include links to detailed information and an application form for each course running in the first half of 2024. The training team will review applications for each course and will arrange registration to ensure that the courses are viable and will provide the most value to participants.

We anticipate that all those who complete training in the Programme will receive a UKRN badge and join the growing community of practice. This community will enable trainers to share skills, lessons and materials, attend interactive sessions with world-leading experts, and build collaborations to improve both the range and depth of training that they can offer.

Institutional partners in the Open Research Programme have an important role to play in supporting their trainers. We ask each institutional lead to use this form to tell us about that support, so that we can share this information with trainers and tailor the training accordingly. We have also produced a guide (Google Doc, research partners only) for institutional Open Research Coordinators and Administrators (ORCAs) who are coordinating Programme delivery at each institution.

So, if you are interested in delivering training on a wide range of open research practices to colleagues at your institution, then please review your options on the training schedule. If you see training that you would like to pursue, then make contact with your institutional representative for the Programme to discuss next steps with them. If you are one of those institutional representatives, then you should have received detailed information about how to support staff at your institution, starting with this basic guide (Word, 14.6 kB).

The deadline for all the above is 8th March. Get with the Programme! Enable open research at your institution.